Entertainment and advertising messages on Fuel Dispensing Nozzles


Delivered directly to consumers - While they fuel their vehicles at Gas Stations with Convenience Stores

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Point-of-Purchase Advertising Delivery Systems



Patented, point-of-purchase media devices deliver information and advertising messages direclty to targeted consumers, while they refuel their vehicle at gas stations.

Retail promotions are more memorable and lower cost-per-impression than tradional media (radio, TV or newspapers).  

DirectCast Network can reach the 56% of the adult population that spends at least two minutes fueling their vehicle each week.  

The Network provides a combination of targeted advertising and an accurate count of impressions.


PumpRadio Network™

Advertisers can use audio messages to directly reach as many consumers in a metro area as a major radio station but with much higher advertising effectiveness.

Local businesses can reach local customers inexpensively and 

exclusively by advertising at a few PumpRadio locations near their businesses.

Regional and national advertisers can engage large numbers of customers by advertising at many locations at once.