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How it works

The Fueling Talker is mounted on the pump nozzle. As the nozzle is placed in the consumerís fuel tank, the advertising message begins to play. The audio message played from the Fueling Talker is clear and audible, and the volume can be adjusted slightly if the consumer wishes to.

The beginning and end messages are dedicated to the convenience store. The rest of the time is available for promotional messages for local, regional or national advertisers. There is room for four promotional messages on the Fueling Talker. Each message is about 15-20 seconds long (recommended), and we also include entertainment such as trivia games and informational content between messages. The average fueling time is about 3 minutes, and the Fueling Talker presentation is about 2 minutes in length.

  Length Total
Convenience store promo 0:10 0:10
Ad slot #1 0:15 0:25
Entertainment 0:10 0:35
Ad slot #2 0:20 0:55
Entertainment 0:10 1:05
Ad slot #3 0:15 1:20
Ad slot #4 0:20 1:40
Entertainment 0:10 1:50
Convenience store promo 0:10 2:00


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