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Differentiate your business

Compared to your competition, how much business would you have - if you had a unique message and a unique delivery system?  All of your competitors are spending money on marketing, even if only on "yellow page" listings.  Between you and your competitors, who does a better job of delivering their message?  Is your message standing out? 

You can have an exclusive advertising position on the PumpRadio Network, and reach customers that your competition is not reaching.

Either you or your competition will own the uncluttered attention of over ľ million (and growing) car drivers every month.  Why?  Because the ears we own are attached to wallets filled with your dollars.   Directcasting your message to one person at a time has no equal when it comes to top-of-mind buyer awareness.  We only have a few positions per site, sold on a three, six and twelve month basis.  You can own the attention of these car drivers exclusively.  Your unique message can be dominant and captivate prospective buyers every day, 24/7, in a place your competition isnít.


Still not convinced?  Here are some benefits you should know about...


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