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 DCN/AX/003 21st OCTOBER 2001


Fueling Talker, the unique new forecourt audio advertising medium from DirectCast Network plc, scheduled for launch in 2002, has received universal approval from leading industry representatives and the UK media agency world.

Fueling Talker, the compact device that sits atop a fuel nozzle at service stations delivering an eclectic mix of programmed messages to customers as they fill up with fuel won high praises from all involved.

In a series of Focus Group discussions held earlier this month, key members of the fuel industry and advertising world were invited to attend and express their views on the relevance and perceived value of Fueling Talker. The unanimous view was that Fueling Talker offered a number of definitive and tangible advantages over other forms of forecourt media.

Each Fueling Talker unit has the capability to provide the exact data on the number of impressions played.  The device is called 'Fueling-Reporter' and the information can be downloaded at any time.

"This is a real plus for all Fuel Operators and Forecourt Retailers as they will be able to discover exactly how many customers have listened to their messages" explained Scott Johnston, Operations Director DirectCast Network plc.

The advertising industry are equally excited about the accountability factor Fueling Talker possesses.

"What really grabs me is the facility of the system to provide buyers with a precise count of the number of impressions that have been achieved over a campaign period" said Peter Whelan, Head of Outdoor at Mediacom.

"This innovative measurement technique puts the system way ahead of its longer and more established rivals in other forms of outdoor media" said Greg Grimmer, Managing Partner at Optimedia.

As the number of licensed drivers is set to rise progressively over the next few years to over 40 million , Service Stations are becoming incredibly important destinations. "With Fueling Talker we can communicate to those consumers that are traditionally hard to reach in a way that has never been done before. The fact that we can now provide total accountability for all the messages played to the fueling consumer is totally ground breaking" added Scott Johnston.

UK Forecourt Operators who would like to find out more about the FUELING TALKER programme should contact Chip Rimmer, Marketing Director, DirectCast Network plc, 3 Edgar Buildings, George Street, Bath BA1 2FJ Tel: 08700 777 575  Fax: 08700 777 474  e-mail: info@dcn.co.uk 


Mike Cratchley, Axis Public Relations, Tel: 01295 738981  Fax: 01295 738982  Mob: 078666 17252 ; e-mail: mikecrat@tinyworld.co.uk 


John Scorah, Media Initiatives Group, Tel: 020 7436 5255; Email: johns@initgroup.com


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