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The CarTalker

After-hours salesmanship!

The CarTalker® is a developmental product concept.  It is an interactive audio device that attaches to the window of vehicles on a car lot, allowing dealers to record and deliver a custom message to consumers, who may also leave recorded questions, comments or contact information.  The CarTalker allows automotive dealers to present an audio sales message to potential customers visiting the lot after the dealership has closed.  The CarTalker records the number of times the message was heard, as well as any message left by the customers. 

A CarTalker contains a control panel, digital audio electronics, battery and speaker in a sturdy molded unit that is attached securely on the window of the automobile.  The CarTalker system is effective with new and used automobiles, and is sold with extensive marketing support such as display signage, scripting support and several recording options. 

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